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  1. I

    Sharing RW dataset between syncthing and smb

    Hi, I have a dataset assigned to syncthing and on it's own it works fine. I have added this dataset to smb shares and after some permission twiddling, managed to get both to sort of coexist. However, whenever the smbuser writes a new file to the dataset though samba, this new file is owned by...
  2. V

    Freenas & syncthing on virtualbox test = ipv4 network not funcationing

    Hi, I work remotely, and so I don't have access to the hardware in our server room, so I wanted to test a proof of concept running Syncthing on Freenas on my Virtualbox. The setup: Virtualbox 6.0 on Windows Surface 16gig/500gb disk. virtual machine: Openbsd 64 bit, 8 gig ram, One 8 gig...
  3. M

    Newbie permissions confusion

    Hey there everyone, I'm setting up a pair of FreeNAS Mini XL servers - one as a local Windows Network Share and one as an offsite mirror. I'm intending on syncing the two servers via SyncThing. In order for me to share a given directory directory over Samba I'm supposed to set up the...
  4. heedthewarning

    Syncthing between 2 FreeNAS servers with file ownership via NFS on Ubuntu 18

    I have a home and an office FreeNAS setup with both upgraded to 11.2. I have successfully installed and set up Syncthing to sync both FreeNAS servers to each other. I have NFS sharing set up from my home and office Ubuntu 18 PCs where /etc/fstab have entries to automatically mount each shared...
  5. D

    Syncthing Management page gets redirected

    Hi guys, I'm on FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1 with the latest updates to this day. I have a recently installed jail of Syncthing(version 2 of jails, with iocage) This used to work since the reboot after the update(yesterday) . Today I stopped it to add some mount points to it. Then I started it again with...
  6. Oriann

    SOLVED Combination of apache and iocage for multiple jails

    Hello I wanna ask maybe dumb thing but I have already tried some tests and nothing worked as I expected. I have 2 jails now. Jail 1 - nextcloud jail 2 - syncthing I wanna acces theese two services from my domain like accesing my nextcloud from and syncthing like...
  7. Sokonomi

    [11.2] Syncthing, chmod 'operation not permitted'

    I've been trying to set up syncthing for a while now, but I just cant get it to behave normally. Ive got it running on FreeNAS in a jail with accessible mountpoints, and on a windows 10 computer. The problem is that the folder I share from my windows computer arent being synced. On the NAS...
  8. T

    Can't access syncthing files

    So, I setup the freenas side and got everything working [I think]. The issue I'm having is being able to access the files uploaded to the media folder or getting it to load into my mapped network drive. What I want to be able to do is to access them from Windows as a mapped network drive and...
  9. B

    Syncthing does not connect to relay

    Hi. Installing syncthing via gui in 11.2 RC1. Test server with new/clean install. Comes up and syncing to local devices seem to work but it cannot connect to any outside relays. Did some reading and tried and verified the following: - The iocage has internet. Can ping and nslookup out by IP...
  10. TheMunk

    Syncthing Jail - cant see synced files in SMB share after freenas update

    As the title says - any files created by the jail (e.g. synced items) can't be seen through my SMB share. A bit of troubleshooting so far: If I manually create a file through SMB, I can see the file through SSH'ing to the jail. If I manually create a file through SSH in the jail, I cannot see...
  11. P

    Using Syncthing in Active Directory Environment

    Is it possible to use Syncthing on a share/dataset that is set up to use AD permissions? I've played around with it a little, but everything I've read seems to indicate that Syncthing has to have its own user permissions.
  12. SeaFox

    Syncthing unable to run after update.

    I'm not sure when this happened, but at some point recently the Syncthing occurrence on my NAS seems to have stopped working. The jail is running, but attempts to "switch on" the plugin did not work (it would stay in the off position). I tried launching it from the shell to get a better idea...
  13. M

    Cannot modify files synched by Syncthing

    Hi everyone, I've managed to synchronize a folder from my windows PC to my FreeNAS box using Syncthing, however I cannot edit any file that was copied over from my PC on my NAS. I know my user and syncthing user have read, write and execute permission on my windows share in the NAS. I can...
  14. E

    SMB with Windows ACLs + Syncthing : permission denied

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble to correctly set up permissions on SMB shares also used, on host, by Syncthing. I read the documentation, I watched the two videos by m0nkey and searched on the forum. But I cannot wrap my mind about how to set permissions to get everything working. Syncthing...
  15. J

    Syncthing Web Interface Authentication required

    OK, so I'm a relative UNIX newbie and I'm still working my way through permissions. In this case, the problem I've run into is that when I try to access the syncthing web interface: I am prompted for authentication: I've tried the various UID's I've configured and none of them seem to...
  16. R

    SOLVED Troubleshooting Plex/Syncthing and some general confusion

    Hello everyone, this is a long post, there is no tl;dr version. I wish to ask about some of the things i either was not able to find in manual or online or am not able to understand. I am using FreeNAS 11. A) SOLVED Currently i have an issue with Plex. I installed the plugin, added storage...
  17. ivyfpop

    Connection Refused to all jails/plugins

    Hey all, I use FreeNas 9.10 to host the newest version of SyncThing through the plugin system. Everything worked perfectly up until yesterday about mid-day. I did not change any settings to SyncThing or FreeNas relatively prior to this bug's occurance. The bug: Whenever I try to ssh or access...
  18. M

    Syncthing + Windows ACL = Wrong user group? On new files?

    I feel really dumb and cant figure this issue out. I have installed syncthing plugin. When I login to my jail I can see the following: Syncthing is running as syncthing user. Default/primary group for syncthing user is syncthing. I map a datastore(all datastores are windows ACL) so syncthing...