1. S

    Optane 900p slog - Endurance loosing 1% every week (or so, consistently)

    I have a FN 11.2 u5 setup (is unit in my sig). Its mainly used for NFS -> VMware (3x hosts) , and SMB to VM Guests (and a few physical PCs, as in 3-5x ). The performance of the entire system has always been great / as expected, but i recently noticed my 280gb Optane 900p (which is used...
  2. J

    TrueNAS Mini XL+ Accelerator Pack

    Is there any info on what SSD TrueNAS installs, if you order it with a with the Accelerator Pack for writes?
  3. Heracles

    SLOG or L2ARC first for iSCSI and which SSD

    Hi, Recently, I bought a used server (R820 ; 32 Core ; 256G RAM) as an upgrade for my ESXi server. Thanks to that, I moved my main FreeNAS from its T-130 to the T-330 I freed. The 8 drives are paired in 4 mirrors and a single pool. The server is maxed out on RAM (64G) and there is only a last...
  4. Exhorder

    Redundant SLOG device?

    Hi, I've got a question about SLOG. I'm not sure if it has to be redundant. What I've read so far says, that it does not need to be redundant because if device fails, the ZIL just goes to the pool where it would be without SLOG anyways. OK, but I never had a completely failing SSD so far. If I...
  5. M

    sync=always slow on mirrored SSD used as SLOG

    Hi All, newbie here. Am I wrong thinking that setting sync=always on a volume with a dedicated ZIL (SLOG) will have faster write performance? because I am getting different results. I have a FreeNAS mini XL with 4 off 4TB WD red in Raid Z2 with 2 off 256 GB Samsung SSD used as SLOG (mirrored)...
  6. S

    Hitachi SAS SSDs as SLOG and other SSD questions

    I have a ZFS server with 2 x mirrored/striped (aka RAID10) pools. One pool is 8 x 3TB 7200rpm Toshiba drives and holds an iSCSI volume. The other pool is 12 x 4TB drives and is used for SMB shares. (I put a zpool status dump at the bottom of the post) Currently I'm using 2 x HUSSL4010BSS600 as...
  7. Adam Tyler

    My FreeNAS performance review

    Hello FreeNAS forum. I've just assembled my first FreeNAS box "on a budget" and I was hoping to review the specifications and current performance metrics to see if there is any obvious small or inexpensive tweak that can be made to increase performance. Here is a bit about the hardware...
  8. J

    Attempted to remove SLOG from Web-UI, possibly nuked pool

    I am running RaidZ-2 on 8 encrypted and non-deduplicated drives, and 1 SSD used as a SLOG. I attempted to remove this SSD for use in as a L2ARC and utilized the Web-UI to do so. I went ahead and removed only the SSD via the "Pool Status" page and all seemed to go ahead well. I attempted to...
  9. Dorin

    ZFS and Intel 900P

    Hi, I've seen some discussions about the Intel 900P and ZFS and I didn't understand something: Yes, it could be a great SLOG, but most of the time, SLOG only uses few gigabytes, and the smallest 900P is 280GB, so if I buy this card, should I partition it for Slog 10GB (for example) and L2ARC...
  10. averyfreeman

    Recommendations for 480GB NVMe SLOG / L2ARC config

    480GB Samsung SM953 NVMe SSD with PLP: Just picked up this beaut today, it's an enterprise NVMe SSD with power loss protection. Check out the pics, you can see the honkin' capacitors on the front and back. I was thinking of partitioning it and using somewhere between 8-24GB for the SLOG and...
  11. D

    Mirror & stripe 2 disks at the same time?

    Hey I'm going over this guis blog Pretty great read and I was wondering, at the end of this post he shows that he has a 2 OCZ ssds in both mirror and stripe? - or do I read it incorrectly? pool...
  12. C

    SLOG device selection

    I'm building my first FreeNAS system and am pondering what type of device to use for an SLOG device. The main intent for the system is file storage, but I will probably run one or two VMs as well, and the reading I have done indicates that having an SSD for the SLOG device should improve...
  13. E

    zfs receive and SLOG

    Two questions - 1) Does 'zfs receive' utilize the ZIL and therefor a SLOG if you have one? 2) I have several 16 drive (3.5") chassis that I've inherited that I'll be using for backups for VM hosts. I'll be using zfs send/rec to get the data there. Would I be better off having two 8 drive...
  14. Rafal Lukawiecki

    Transcend MSA370 as SLOG and other hardware questions

    [Newbie warning] I will be migrating a slowish FreeNAS that is still running on an old HP MicroServer N36L to a new HPE MicroServer Gen10 soon. It is likely to start with 2 x 8 TB (or 10 TB) Seagate IronWolf or WD Red drives, 16 GB ECC RAM and it would boot from 2 x SanDisk Ultra Fit 64 GB USB...
  15. X

    Any benefit to changing sector size on Intel DC S3710 SLOG?

    I just learned that the Intel DC S3710 firmware can be set to use 512e sector size (the default) or 4K. Intel calls the setting the "physical sector size" but it seems to me that you're really changing the logical sector size. Terminology aside, is there any benefit to doing this on a SLOG device?
  16. Vidis

    Hardware RAID controller as a SLOG device?

    Hi again! I’m back on the track of implementing FreeNAS as my primary storage for my lab environment. The previous thread where we discussed my setup and the possible solutions that I wanted to implement is at this location...
  17. B

    Extremely poor performance from Intel 750 PCIe NVMe when no SLOG used - CTL_DATAMOVE errors

    I am re configuring one of our SuperMicro boxes, which connects via 4x 1gbE to ESXi 6.0u2. We had a slow/crappy SSD SLOG for an 8 disk raid10, and decided to replace it as well as add in 2 Intel 750 PCIe NVMe cards. They do have their own full 8x PCIe channel, even though they only require 4x...