1. Monkey_Demon

    Newbie wants to know SMB shares on MacOS from the ground up

    I'm trying to understand the basics of SMB sharing from FreeNAS to MacOS. FreeNAS is 11.2-U6 and MacOS is 10.14.6 (Mojave). On a FreeNAS computer -- let's call it NAS-Server -- I've configured an SMB share that will eventually house media to be accessed by Plex (and possibly Kodi). On...
  2. C

    Device does not seem to be functioning...?

    Background: Hi, so I've had my NAS up and running for a while now. No issues. However, I just recently moved it, and connected it to a new router. When I booted into the system, it told me it couldn't configure the network, or something (can't remember the exact wording it used). Figured it was...
  3. BlakeNagel07

    SOLVED 11.2-U2 Update Broke UNIX Permissions

    Seems like this last freenas update broke permissions. If i try to delete a file in a folder that im apart of the group of with full read/write permissions, i get error message saying i need permission from Server\*User Here of share* I haven't changed any of my permissions ever since i...
  4. G

    SMB Shares don't work since update

    I've had some SMB shares working just fine, but I updated to U6 yesterday and suddenly my shares don't work. I cannot connect from other systems. It says "not supported" on a windows client when it attempts to connect and the log shows nothing, if I forcibly try to enter the URL...
  5. E

    NFS shares not refreshing content on clients, inotify

    Hello, I have been dealing this last days with a problem on my VMs, I am currently working with NFS shares, and my VMs have them mounted in, what I have found is that the internal services in my VMs are not able to refresh their content as the NFS shares does not work with something called...
  6. L

    SOLVED Single share with different folder views depending on the user

    Hello, I imagine this question has been asked before but I haven't figure out what the search term is to find the post. This seems like such a common use case that I must be missing a term/name for this. I'm trying to do this without being forced to have a windows server for ACL Can FreeNAS be...
  7. T

    NextCloud using the same Shares as SMB, etc

    Hi all, I'm a newbie in FreeNAS community. I've successfully set up AFP, SMB, NFS using UNIX permissions. I would like my NextCloud to read and write all the files from my Shares through AFP. I've tried with enabling external storages in NextCloud, however, I won't have correct r/w permissions...

    Need help setting up FreeNAS W/ no internet access

    Hello, I've recently moved and the only access to internet is by satellite. The max speeds are around 4 Mbps, and costs around $90/ Month with a data cap of 100GB. I would prefer to not go this route but instead find some means of accessing my shares using a local network. I have a decent amount...
  9. S

    Samba + iSCSI failing - NAS sends "ZeroWindow" timeouts on simple workloads most of the time

    UPDATE @ 2019-01-08: The cause for the issue described below is now known to be an unreported severe effect of ZFS space map (free space log) handling in some situations. Comprehensive info is on the ixsystems "redmine" bug tracker. Basically, ZFS is known to have an issue with free...
  10. C

    Dataset Permissions vs Share Permissions

    I apologize for the long post ahead of time. I'm not getting any traction on another post I created a while ago, so I'm trying here. About 3 years ago when I setup my freenas box using Freenas 9, I setup my Main volume as a Unix volume. I then created 2 datasets, DS1 and Media. DS1 is a...
  11. D

    Creating shared storage/accessing it

    Good evening, New to FreeNAS and have been having nothing but issues. If anyone can help I have been fallowing all documentation on how to create shared storage locations on the drives i have installed and everything i do does not have the same outcome as the instructions let alone same options...
  12. K

    Need some feedback on dataset and share permissions

    Hello, I would like to state that I have been lurking on this forum for quite some time and this is my first time posting here (yay!). I think this says a lot on how helpful this community is and how easy it is to find what you need in these forums. I have scoured the forums for days now and it...
  13. E

    Cannot open previous versions on 9.10.2.U5+

    Hello all! Just started running into an issue within the last 2 releases (possibly 3) whereby I cannot open "previous versions" within Windows and just receive an error "the specified network name is no longer available". I am having this issue on 2 different boxes (they do replicate with each...
  14. takkischitt

    Help! Setting up certain folders to be 'locked' to general users (permissions)

    Hi I've been trying on and off for quite a while now to set up my server the way I'd like it, but I'm really struggling with how to set up permissions correctly. I've read tutorials and watched videos, but I'm just not sure I'm doing things correctly as I just cannot get the system set up the...
  15. J

    How to mount external network folder to Jail

    Hi All iv run out of space on my freenas system so have decided to move some files( not so important) to my windows machine. Ive shared the folder on the windows machine but for the life of me i cannot access it from inside the jail. # mount_smbfs -N -L
  16. D

    New SMB share wont show unless restart Samba

    Im running FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 All my SMB shares works fine, they show on my Windows machine as Shares under "Network". When I add a new Share, it doesnt show, waited for 10 minutes and nothing. If I restart SMB, then it shows. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
  17. S

    Moving directories within the same share and dataset is really slow...?

    My server (clean install 9.10.2-u1, hardware is Supermicro with a fast 1620-v3 CPU and 96GB 2400 ECC) has a single dataset, with a single SMB share on one directory in it. The NIC for this link is an onboard Intel Gb with MTU=9000. The datastore is on Enterprise 6tb spinners and is mostly empty...
  18. moorecode

    Mac shares disappearing after "reconnecting"

    So I have a number of different shared on my NAS, 4 AFP shares and 2 SMB shares all setup with authentication (tied to groups). I have a user account that is a member of all groups associated with the shares, now here is the issue: On every first connect (after rebooting) all of the folders...
  19. S

    CIFS Public shares issues

    Hi, I'm new to FreeNAS as I just finished putting my first box together, and now I'm at the famous step known as "Hit your head to the wall repeatedly because of Samba shares :mad:" (how original, I know... :D). So here is my Dataset : Storage Media Music Videos Movies Shows The permissions...
  20. Morktral

    Edited /etc/fstab is empty after reboot

    Hi there, I´m new to FreeNAS (and of course FreeBSD), but quite experienced with Linux. I wanted to mount some NFS shares which are on other NAS Systems onto the FreeNAS Server (9.10), so I edited the /etc/fstab accordingly. Which did work until I rebooted the system. Afterwards the /etc/fstab...
  21. M

    Snapshot replica into writable share

    I have two FreeNAS servers running the latest 9.10 build. Once a snapshot replication has completed, is it possible to change the replicated share on the receiving server into a normal writable shared dataset? This will be a once of task, scripts or scheduled tasks wouldn't be required.
  22. R

    Cannot find FreeNAS users/groups via windows share, and editing file causes read-only+owner change

    Hey, I've done a pretty thorough search of the forums here and have't seen anyone else encountering the problems I'm facing. First, let me explain my setup: I have two servers, one to work on and one to backup the files on the first server via rsync. For simplicity, however, I'll just be...