replication task

  1. zamana

    SOLVED Replication tasks: lz4c missing?

    Hi! I'm strugling to get my zpool storage replicated to another server, and after read this thread, I got a look in /var/log/debug.log e finally found this in several files in /tmp: root@freenas[/tmp]# cat repl-99191 /usr/bin/env: ‘lz4c’: No such file or directory cannot receive: failed to...
  2. R

    Deleting old replicated data

    Hello, I have two FreeNAS servers, 1 replicating to the other. They're currently running 11.2 but have been in production since about 9.3. The source ran out of space so I deleted some data that is now backed up elsewhere and deleted the related snapshots and the free space is OK. The...
  3. R

    Replication to wrong target

    On both source and destination I have a pool, then 5 datasets. I created the datasets on the destination manually so they would not be read-only )according to previous posts). Also, testing worked fine wen I only had the main pool with one dataset, and one dataset on the destination. Source...
  4. R

    Site to site replication

    Hi. My goal is site to site replication. I'm replacing current storage with new FN-cert hardware. I'm also totally changing the pool layout. Background - I have a bunch of FN servers, and still administer 8 of them daily, BUT, I've always run daily rsync scripts (not me, cron actually), which...
  5. L

    FreeNAS Replication of Snapshots between two boxes.

    Snapshot replication support. Hi, I colleague of mine depoyed ( not fully ) and then left me a FreeNAS solution. If I can explain maybe you can help. Every night a server backs up to on premise FreeNAS box creating a large file. ( 825GiB ). So I have looked though the forums and cannot find a...
  6. steve.long

    Confusion regarding Replication Tasks

    I'm attempting to set up my replication tasks on FreeNAS1. The Snapshots run between 0630 and 1830 then stop. Then my replication task starts at 2030 and I end it at 0530. So on FreeNAS2 I get ALL these 15 minute interval snapshots. But since FreeNAS2 is my offsite, I really have no use for...
  7. pizzathehunt

    Running ZFS replication tasks simultaneously

    I have 2 replication tasks. The first is runs every 5 minutes to another FreeNAS server in same DC, the second task runs every hour but with a slower connection offsite. When the second task is running, the first task is waiting. Is it possible to run ZFS replication tasks simultaneously?
  8. M

    Replication Between two FreeNAS Machines

    Hello! I have been messing around with FreeNAS for a few months now. It's a solid product and has been working fairly well for me. I have had a recent issue with the flash drives I was using to run the OS on. The problem involved me losing all access VIA the web and console locking up. With an...
  9. Borja

    SOLVED Is a snapshot a complete backup?

    I' planning to do backups to a remote FreeNAS system. So I read probably the best option is to create a replication task. But, at first, i created a snapshot and it only takes a small amount of Mb and in refer column some GBs but my volume has about 5TB space used. So, this is great to rollback...
  10. F

    Exposing a replicated snapshot to users

    Hello, I have two NAS in two offices. I have a replicated snapshot for one dataset. This work great and give me a read only mirror of the most important data. I would like to give access to this data to my users. It's useful for them because this avoid the slow internet link. So the goal is...
  11. I

    Replication NOOB - No visible files on Pull System

    I have two FreeNAS systems. Intel-NAS is a RAIDZ-2 with 4-5TB drives and Lian-NAS is a RAIDZ-2 with 7-3TB drives. I use Lian-NAS as a backup of Intel-NAS. Intel-NAS has a data set /tank/Intel-Server and /tank/Intel-FNTimeMachine. I had set up a replication task using the Web-GUI where I...
  12. M

    Problem with replication sending

    I have a strange behaviour with replication tasks most of the time they work just fine but then once in a while they kind of seem stuck? So I have the following process output: 95862 - I 0:01.31 zfs: sending Storage/xxxx@auto-20170329.0900-5m (100%: 29184312/19970368) (zfs) couple of minutes...
  13. leenux_tux

    Snapshot Replication to non FreeNAS Server

    Hello Forum, Have a query regarding replication of a snapshot to a remote server that is not FreeNAS. The destination server is a Proxmox system which supports ZFS and I have a three disk ZFS RAID1 configured. I have set up the automatic creation of snapshots for a couple of my volumes...
  14. Nomak


    Buonasera, vorrei attivare una replica remota di una folder (1TB) di un server FreeNAS. Attivare una replica tra due server FreeNAS non è un problema, come non lo è fare una replica di una folder o zvol su un HDD USB. Ho già eseguito svariati test e tutto funziona bene. Il mio problema è invece...
  15. A

    rsync vs tâche de replication

    Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si la "tâche de réplication" duplique récursivement tous les répertoires ou seulement les répertoires qui ont reçu des mis à jours? A ma connaissance,le "rsync" synchronise juste les répertoires récemment modifiés non pas tous les répertoires. Merci de votre aide.