1. F

    Buying a server for storage

    Hello. i've been looking around for recommendations on some posts but can't seem to find any. i'm an intern who's been tasked with finding a possible server that we can store ouer backups on with roughly 8 slots for 2'5 inch drives. so i'm looking for any recommendations from any of you guys...
  2. T

    Build consideration

    Hey everyone :) I am completly new to FreeNAS and pretty new to NAS in general. Currently I am still deciding between a prebuilt Synology one and DIY FreeNAS. I generally love tinkering with hardware and software, but in this case it should function as a backup server for my workstation. With...
  3. AliceShadowRose

    Hello @ all from Vienna

    My FreeNAS server Specs: Motherboard : Gigabyte Ram : 12GB Intel Chip : I5-2400 HDD WD Red NAS : 1TB will be 12 in the end
  4. H

    Unable to find any data stored on volume

    So completely new to FreeNAS, I followed a tutorial turning an old laptop and 1 terabyte external HDD into a media server. Everything worked well, I was able to put quite a bit of data on it. Had to take the laptop down for some time. I tried to set it back up today and I can't see any of the...
  5. M

    New build - cannot find Plex Server

    New guy here - just put my first build together and installed FreeNAS to be a plex server. First off, the info HP z220 - Intel i7-3770 - 24gb RAM - 5x 1TB HDD's, 1x 120GB SSD FreeNAS-11.0.U2 Followed many tutorials/videos online to set up volumes and install Plex Server. I've tried both...
  6. NicolasVin100

    SOLVED Burn in

    Hey everyone! I'm almost done assembling my new built... and I know that before the setup and installing everything, I gotta test the hardware... Is there any guide to this or place where I can find help on the next few steps? I'm very new to this (Playing seriously around BIOS and Linux), but...
  7. C

    First Build Questions/Needs

    Hi everyone, I'm new to building a NAS, but I've been building my own computers for many years now. I built a HTPC a couple of years ago and I'm now maxing out that 3TB hard drive. My "main" PC is also maxing out on space (mostly pictures, music, programs, and various downloads) so I'm...
  8. Tristan Crockett

    Not new to FreeNAS, but new registration to the forums

    Hello everyone, Great to be here after finally getting around to registering an account. My name is Tristan. I'm a System Administrator in Auckland, New Zealand for the countries largest Satellite TV company. I'm not new to using FreeNAS (in and out of business) but am new to registering on...
  9. V

    Using FreeNAS volume on another computer

    Hi everyone! I am brand new to this wonderful world of FreeNAS and I have some questions: Suppose I have a USB device used as a media storage for my FreeNAS. But now I have decide to take it out of my FreeNAS server and plug it on another computer (a normal desktop computer, not running...
  10. IceBoosteR

    Hello FreeNAS community :)

    Hello FreeNAS Community, I want to say hello to all and tell you something about my way to FreeNAS. I am looking for a file server for month and read a lot of whitepapers, explanations and user feedback. I was looking for an easy way, to store my personal data offsite from my home pc (same...
  11. J

    Need help with my first server!

    I want to start up a small plex server for home use, I was thinking of this build: CPU+MB ASRock C2750D4I Ram MicroMemory 1x16GB ECC Boot drive 16GB usb HDD WD Red 4TB x2 PSU CX430 Case...