fresh install

  1. Z

    Questions and Concerns about a fresh FreeNAS install.

    I want to clarify I am an extreme noob who has barely used Linux or FreeNAS. As it currently stands my FreeNAS build is throwing errors for my boot SSD. Saying that it is degrading. I had quite a few issues with the install anyways so I took this opportunity to do a mirrored USB drive install...
  2. V

    GUI not loading (11.1 &11.2) sorry for duplicate

    Lets get this out of the way first. Hardware.... Motherboard: Asus z77 pro V (have also tested on MSI H77MA-G43) CPU i5-3570k (have also swapped out for i5-3570 non k) RAM - 16 Gigs Crucial DDR3 1600 Mhz (4x4 gig sticks), previously had 11.xx working on 2x4 gigs of Mushkin 1333 Mhz Boot Drive(s)...
  3. D

    Volume creation issue

    I've been fighting this issue for a few days now, I've gone through a few things here on the site, reinstalled different versions and re-downloaded isos to insure integrity and compatibility and stableness. the one thing I can't get through on all installation in making a volume, I've wiped the...
  4. C

    First time installing FreeNAS

    I am brand new to FreeNAS and was going to use an older computer to start using this program. I did research online for how to install and setup FreeNAS but I can not even get to the install part. I have 2 HDD in the system and 2 USB drives for installing the OS. Once the computer powers on it...
  5. R

    Cant seem to reinstall fresh copy on pre-existing box

    Hi, I have a tower that was running Freenas with Plex media server plugin on it. Long story short I want a fresh install of freenas on same box, But when I have tried it just keeps trying to boot old install. I have set boot priority to cd rom and put in install disc. It just keeps booting old...
  6. Miroslav Mandrino

    Problems with import and new volume build

    Hi Guys, I had a FreeNAS running with 6x2TB wd HDDs. Had a Z2 pool on them. All worked well, and I had a usb copy made(mirrord a boot device - maybe the wrong way). When the usb went wrong, I reinstalled a fresh copy on new usb (bkp also didn't boot) and restored the pool. I used zpool import...