1. Keven

    SOLVED Possible to install Ubuntu/Debian in iocage jail?

    Hi, I need to install teamviewer on my FreeNAS box to be able to start my desktop when i'm not home... have tried within teamviewer to have a port and ip address setup, but it only work for a time before my isp recycle my ip address. so by always having a teamviewer instance open i can start my...
  2. A

    Which Linux Distro to use on VM

    I'm a Windows user who had dabbled with Linux and Hackintosh and I am wondering what the consensus is as to which distro to run in a VM? CentOS / UBUNTU / Linux Mint Any to stay away from?
  3. ovalcoconut

    FreeNAS 11 Debian 9 VM installation GUI issue

    The above image is a problem I'm getting when connecting to my debian VM via VNC. This happens on all resolutions Ive tried: 1920x1080, 1024x768, 1280x960, and 1280x1024. This happens when I connect using VNC viewer, and the web VNC that FreeNAS provides. My system specs are: Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  4. Kennyvb8

    iocage - install Debian in jail on FreeBSD?

    I read the iocage docs, they say that you can install Linux aka Debian in the jail on FreeBSD. They link to this article how ever it seems a bit over the edge to do all that, since we can't install on host FreeNAS, so I...
  5. N

    bhyve debian VM changes its NIC name from eth0 to eth1 after updating to 11.1

    After upgrading from FreeNAS 11.0-U4 to 11.1 today, I had trouble accessing the one VM I have on my server. After some fiddling with VNC (and a lot of wrestling with keyboard map issues) I realised that my static IP config didn't work anymore: the configuration for eth0 wasn't applied anymore...
  6. B

    FreeNAS 11; is there a way to pass through USB to a VM?

    I have a webserver on an external HDD that I want to migrate to my new FreeNAS box, however, I want to keep all the files on this existing drive. I was thinking of passing it through to my Debian VM, is this possible? If not, is there a good way to permanently mount the drive using a jail as...
  7. cbbc

    Debian VM on FreeNAS 11 stops at grub

    Although I have read KrisBee's post* on Linux VMs, I am unsure how to go forward. * I have Freenas 11.0-U4 running happily. I was able to get a CentOS VM to install and run happily. However, I would like...
  8. Eddyger

    Disco Duro con 2 os

    Tengo un disco duro con 2 sistemas operativos, windows 10 y linux debian stretch, el otro disco es de 2tb y alli es donde pienso tener mi NAS, soy nuevo en esto, si lo instalo en virtualbox de windows, cuando me pase a linux ¿Cómo lo podré visualizar?, ¿Qué tengo que hacer para tenerlo...
  9. H

    SOLVED No networking Debian bhyve

    Hi everyone, I am trying to install Pi-hole to my freenas server and to do that I am trying to configure a VM to run Debian. I haven't got any experience with bhyve or VM's. I followed the tutorial by The Internet Monkey to set up a VM and got Debian working, although I have no network access...