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  1. M

    GitLab is no longer availaible in the plugin list

    Hello, I recently update my freenas install to FreeNAS-11.2-U6 but i'm getting an issue. The gitlab plugin is no longer showing up inside the plugin list. Does gitlab is not supported anymore ? This is a normal behavior ? Thank you for your help !
  2. urza

    Create new pool ends with error: Command '('gpart', 'create', '-s', 'gpt', '/dev/ada0')' returned non-zero exit status 1.

    I have fresh installation of FreeNAS-11.2-U5 Trying to create new pool: 5 disks, raid-z (this whole nas is backup co z1 is enough for me) encrypted after confirming that all disks will be erased, the procecure ends with following error: File...
  3. X

    Cloud Sync RClone Generated Config Files

    I've got a problem and I want to resolve it in a very specific way that I'm sure people will find... silly :) FreeNAS doesn't seem to use the "--fast-list" option for the cloud sync configs it generates, so, every sync is costing me around $0.30 using B2 block storage (there's a /lot/ of files...
  4. L

    FreeNAS freezes after few days of uptime

    Hello there I have been running FreeNAS for a while now and I am pretty happy with it. However every now and then (usually at least a week, or sometimes when there is really intense transfer happening - only happened about 2 times, every time it was at least 200GB of data) the whole machine just...
  5. solonovamax

    SOLVED No release option when creating jails.

    Hey, I've been using FreeNAS for a bit now, and I finally wanted to take it a bit further then what I've already done. So far, I've just been using it as a NAS. I was hoping I could get a bot or two up and running on the machine, in the background. (I've been wanting to make a discord bot...
  6. D

    Bug on shell of a Jail?

    Hi guys, i was trying to configure a new Jail for UrBackup, and i do it like 2 times (on the same machine) because i got some errors, first i didnt get response from the ip address but that was my bad, and then i get response but it shows my an error "no permissions to access to the directory C...
  7. nickt

    Is this how the Avaton LPC bug looks?

    Hi FreeNAS friends. After 2 years of solid service, I think my ASRock C2750D4I has finally succumbed to the Avaton family LPC bug. I had a few unplanned restarts in one day (kernel panics) and now it won't POST. Power supply spins up, but nothing happens - no output to VGA. The only thing I...
  8. I

    11.2 series won't boot after install or upgrade

    Hi, I hosed my system by upgrading it. I've been running freenas on the same HW for sereral years. Just changed the usb sticks once a year as they get broken. But now I couldn't boot after update to 11.2U1. I have now done several re-installs today to get to the roots of it. It seems 11.1...
  9. Stranded Camel

    Rebooted, iocage jails have no network access, and old tricks aren't fixing this anymore

    Hi all! After rebooting my system (all details in sig), I lost all network connectivity in my three iocage jails (FreeNAS itself, however, does have network access, as does my bhyve VM). This happens every single time I reboot, and I used to be able to fix it by going into the new UI, opening...
  10. C

    FreeNAS-11.1-U6 (caffd76fa) SMB failed to start

    Anyone else have this problem and know how to workaround/fix it? Request Method: POST Request URL: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U6 (caffd76fa) Exception Type: ServiceFailed Exception Value: The SMB service failed to reload. Exception Location...
  11. Sokonomi

    Jail mount point creation 'mount: <path>: File name too long'

    Hi all, I'm having a weird bug where it wont let me add a mount point to my jail. The destination path is '/mnt/Tank1/Cloud/Private/Home Media/' but it wont accept it, saying 'File name too long'. Detail print from the popup; Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback...
  12. Sokonomi

    Jails not responding

    Hello all, Ive got 11.2 with all default settings on a virtualbox, and ive installed 2 jails on it, one with Sonarr/Radarr/sabNZB and another one to try installing Transmission. Last night the jails were functional and I could work with them, yet this morning both are refusing to come online...
  13. S

    Unable to create boot-environment 11.1-U5

    Hello! Trying to update from 11.1-U4 to 11.1U5 got Unable to create boot-environment 11.1-U5 Here is full exeception log: Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U4 (89e3d93bc) Request Method: POST Request URL...
  14. DaPlumber

    Adding to a Bug Discussion?

    Howto, as opposed to filing a new bug? Essentially I want to add a “metoo” and point to some motivational discussion on the forum here: Or at least a patch or manual install of the FreeBSD fixed...
  15. N

    I think I found an error in FreeNAS smart monitoring/logging

    This post prompted me to have a peek in the log just for interest and I found: (recent example for /dev/da4) Apr 18 14:52:47 freenas smartd[3480]: Device: /dev/da3 [SAT], SMART...
  16. N

    DEDUPE bug (or am I doing something wrong)?

    Hi All TLDR; I'm hoping someone can tell me if I've found a bug, or if I'm doing something wrong. I have two directory trees with almost exactly the same data, and I don't seem to be getting any space savings. Only 2 of the almost 4700+ files in each directory tree differ. All other files...
  17. V

    Boot stick mirror fails in 11.1-U3

    One of my mirrored boot sticks failed during the upgrade to 11.1-U3, so I tried to replace it with the 11.1-U3 GUI. The replace failed with: uwsgi: [middleware.exceptions:36] [MiddlewareError: [EFAULT] The device called SanDisk Ultra Fit (28.64 GB, 60062500 sectors does not have enough space...
  18. M

    FreeNAS 11u1 Active Directory join lost on reboot - Bug # 21244

    Need some help with my FreeNAS 11.0 U1 install and joining it to my Active Directory. There has to be something I'm missing that I can't find. I can join the domain with no issues. Then after reboot the "testjoin" fails and it tries to rejoin and fails to join. Then if the AD connection is...
  19. guyisit

    Possible new interface bug with clean install of ver11?

    Hi all, After much reading of the docs and forums, I finally have FreeNAS 11.0 going (hardware config at end of post.) I've discovered what I think might be a bug, but I thought I'd ask here before filing a bug report. Please note that this is all on a fresh install. Also, please note this is a...
  20. N

    Error when connecting FreeNAS to Active Directory 'ascii' codec can't encode

    Hello, I am trying to connect my FreeNAS installation to our windows 2012 r2 AD but every time we try we get this error " 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa3' in position 2: ordinal not in range(128)" I have triple checked all my network settings and they look correct. This only...
  21. H

    FreeNAS 11 ssh Extra options is too short

    Dear Developers, If I try to set up chroot in ssh, the Extra options text box is too short to describe everything. I want you to make it longer. Best regards,
  22. S

    Bug: iSCSI: Adding nested extent

    I found a bug - not sure where to report so adding here: When I try to add an extent, I get an error: Zvol "xxxx" does not exist, even though it definitely exists - see screenshot. The zvol was created by cloning a snapshot of another zvol. I destroyed and recreated the clone several times...
  23. T

    To Upgrade Or Not....That is the question

    Hello all, have a general question regarding upgrading FreeNAS and hope I can better understand what I am getting into by doing the upgrade. The questions goes like this........ If I want to upgrade to the latest version of FreeNAS what is the best way to find and understand what issues are...
  24. D

    SOLVED Problem with running VM when virtualbox jail stops - how to fine tune how your jail is stopped

    Hi all. I've been wondering quite some days wether I should post thit or not. Having read a bunch of things on the forums, I think I should now ask for help. Here's my setup: -I have a VirtualBox jail (the default one), in which I created a Debian64 VM, running a Debian 8.6.0 64 bits distro...
  25. D

    Has that Bug been adressed?

    Greetings! Quite a while ago I saw an update that would bump the version number from 9.10.0 to 9.10.1 which introduced a bug that would end with the system booting without a visible screen to make the final adjustments impossible so I had to revert back to 9.10.0. It's been a while now and...