11.2 rc1

  1. rmccullough

    Enable user to login to webui

    Is there anything special required to allow a user to login to the webui? I created a user for myself. I can SSH into my FreeNAS server with this user, but I cannot seem to login to the webui with this user. I am running 11.2-RC1.
  2. E

    Freenas share not browsable

    Hello, i have installed freenas for the second time (last time was with the legazy ui). I have set my nas box up with smb share. In the UI it says the share is browsable on the local network, but i can not find it... i can find the freenas box under network on my win10 pc, but i can not find or...
  3. Jacob H. Weeks

    [11.2-RC1] iocage jails resetting on reboot

    I installed the Transmission plugin for downloading my favorite torrents. I set up Transmission with a mount point to the area that I store my downloads. I create a group in the jail that corresponds to the one I created that has write access to the downloads folder. I add this group to the user...
  4. L

    11.2-RC1 - Unable to change user settings in webui

    When editing a user within the FreeNAS WebUI, I am unable to change any user settings (permissions, groups, email address). I can make the visual changes, but the "save" button stays disabled upon any change. The only thing that does enable the "save" button is changing the password. This issue...
  5. B

    Syncthing does not connect to relay

    Hi. Installing syncthing via gui in 11.2 RC1. Test server with new/clean install. Comes up and syncing to local devices seem to work but it cannot connect to any outside relays. Did some reading and tried and verified the following: - The iocage has internet. Can ping and nslookup out by IP...
  6. M

    Upgrade from 11.1-U6 to 11.2-RC1 fails; config from 11.1-U6 won't restore to fresh 11.2-RC1 install

    I tried updating to 11.2-RC1 from 11.1-U6 yesterday, but it failed miserably with multiple errors starting with Middlewared not starting after 4 minutes. So, I tried a clean install of 11.2 and restore my config from 11.1. 11.2 installs successfully, and everything looks good. The config...
  7. Brownz

    SOLVED Unable to read files inside iocage jails after FreeNAS 11.2 RC1 update

    I have just updated from '11.2 BETA3' to '11.2 RC1'... Jails run fine, access jail via SSH or via GUI console: iocage exec plex. When inside a jail attempt to access text file via nano or ee text editor: nano /var/log/messages. All text files inside all jails are unreadable, just blank white...