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Specific build components list - up to 32GB RAM

Specific build components list - up to 32GB RAM

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
Mar 3, 2019:

I put this together because I was directly asked for it (or something very similar) on several occasions. While this may not be perfect for you, I put three builds together using same model hardware and they have worked for my purposes. If you don't plan to use Plex, you could probably go with a lower performance CPU. I tried to target this to the majority of users seeking a first time build.

Easily mount ten or eleven hard drives:

CASE: Fractal Design Define R5 Black Silent ATX Midtower Computer Case
Price: US $72.99

Enough juice for as many drives as the case can hold, with a little to spare:

Price: US $80.00

This is a great board for up to 32GB of system memory, I did a couple builds with them myself:

System Board: New SuperMicro X9SCM-F, LGA 1155, Server board. Accessoreis are not included
Price: US $77.77

Alternately: Used: SuperMicro X9SCM-F, LGA 1155, Server board with I/O shield and fan
Price: US $59.99

CPU Mark score of 8855, good 1080p movies in Plex:

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 3.3GHz Quad-Core CPU Processor SR0P4 LGA1155
Price: US $74.00

The system board and processor above are NOT compatible with Registered (RDIMM) memory, it needs Un-buffered (UDIMM) memory.
Please don't mix those up.

RAM: Crucial 16GB 2x8GB 2Rx8 PC3L-12800E DDR3-1600Mhz 240p ECC Unbuffered Server RAM
Price: US $71.91

For the boot drive, I suggest a mirrored pair of drives, just on the off chance there is a fault with one of them.

Boot Drive: Intel 40GB 2.5" SATA Laptop Solid State Drive
Price: US $18.00

I connect my boot drives to the SATA ports on the system board and my data drives to the SAS controller.

If you need more than the six SATA ports, I suggest:

Drive Controller: Dell H310 6Gbps SAS HBA LSI 9211-8i P20 IT Mode
Price: US $56.55

To go with the HBA above, you will need:

Drive Cables: Lot of 2 Mini SAS to 4-SATA SFF-8087 Multi-Lane Forward Breakout Internal Cable
Price: US $12.99

I use a cooler like this on the system I built using similar components, you have options:

CPU Fan: Dynatron K17 3U CPU Cooler Heatpipes, Intel LGA 1155 / 1156, i7, Xeon, Socket H2
Price: US $39.95

If you need it, this kind of compound has worked well for me:

Thermal Compound: Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste Grease Conductive Compound for CPU/GPU
Price: US $9.34

I may have missed something and I didn't include drives, but this should get you all the key components.

Total: $566 and change plus possible shipping charges.

This is a build that was done with very similar components, and lots of great photos of how it all goes together:

Pheran's 32TB FreeNAS build with photos
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