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Specific build changes to upgrade as high as 512GB of RAM

Specific build changes to upgrade as high as 512GB of RAM

This is intended as a modification to the list of hardware I put together here:

Be aware, this is a totally different system board with a totally different processor socket than the 32GB build.

Everything else can stay the same and the function doesn't change, but you change the system board, CPU and CPU cooler as well as the RAM from what they were to this:

This board uses Intel C602 chipset and can accommodate up to 512GB of RAM, I did a couple builds with these:

System Board: Supermicro X9SRL-F Motherboard Socket Socket LGA2011 System Board BIOS Updated
Price: US $174.99

CPU Mark score of 13146, should almost be good for 4K movies in Plex, works for me:

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2650V2 8-Core Socket LGA2011 CPU Sever Processor SR1A8 2.60GHz
Price: US $60

CPU cooler needs to be a narrow ILM model like this (the one I use) but Noctua makes one also, it is flexible:

Dynatron R27 3U CPU Cooler Fan for Intel Socket Narrow 2011 Intel Xeon Series
Price: US $34.90

The system board and processor above are compatible with Registered (RDIMM) memory.

RAM: 64GB (4 x 16GB) PC3-12800R DDR3 1600 ECC Reg Server Memory RAM RDIMM Upgrade
Price: US $113.95 - for 64 GB

About $380 for this upgrade to the previous build list...

You can buy newer hardware, but the gains between the hardware revision listed and the next generation after it are minor, while the cost increases significantly. If you go a generation newer than that, the cost becomes so significant that most home-game users will be deterred by it.
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I fully Agree you can have a killer Nas on a X9 boards and not kill the pocket book! if you would take that $300-$700 and get a better Chassis or more Drivers. I think this is a better option then X10/X11route. As that at min is $300-$700 More, just for Cpu/MBoard/Memory and a gain of maybe 10%-15% in performance and efficiency is just not worth it. Good wright up dude!
Compared to either attempts at this type of setup. This one is the best I've seen giving you cheap RAM, fast performance and low price.

The only negative is space requirement, which was not one of the requirements of the build.