Links to useful threads

Links to useful threads

I created this resource so I could share this list of links with the forum. I accumulated these links over the last few years to help me remember where to find some important information. I hope that others will find this helpful.

Most are inside the forum but a couple are to external sites that I use.

I will certainly add more as time goes on so be sure to check back...

Hardware Requirements

Did you read the manual?

Latest version, as of today:

Download the latest version of FreeNAS:

Forum Guidelines

The 'Hidden' Cost of Using ZFS for Your Home NAS

Slideshow explaining VDev, zpool, ZIL and L2ARC

Overview of ZFS Pools in FreeNAS from the iXsystems blog:

Terminology and Abbreviations Primer

Why not to use RAID-5 or RAIDz1

FreeNAS® Quick Hardware Guide®-quick-hardware-guide.7/

Hardware Recommendations Guide Rev. 1e) 2017-05-06

Hardware Recommendations by cyberjock - from 26 Aug 2014 - and still valid

Proper Power Supply Sizing Guidance

Don't be afraid to be SAS-sy't-be-afraid-to-be-sas-sy.48/

Confused about that LSI card? Join the crowd ...

ZFS RAID size and reliability calculator 2017-05-17

Building, Burn-In, and Testing your FreeNAS system

GitHub repository for FreeNAS scripts, including disk burnin
Original Bidule0hm - Scripts to report SMART, ZPool and UPS status, HDD/CPU T°, HDD identification and backup the config°-hdd-identification-and-backup-the-config.27365/

solnet-array-test (for drive / array speed) non destructive test by jgreco

Useful Commands

Hard Drive Troubleshooting Guide (All Versions of FreeNAS)

CAM status: ATA Status Errors - thread

Moving FreeNAS to new Hardware by Ericloewe

10 Gig Networking Primer

40Gb Mellanox card setup - infiniband

Fibre Channel on FreeNAS 11.1u4

Detailed newcomers' guide to crossflashing LSI 9211/9300/9311 HBA and variants

LSI 9207-8i can I erase JUST the bios & leave the FW

Setting up SMB 3 multichannel on FreeNAS

Build Report: Node 304 + X10SDV-TLN4F [ESXi/FreeNAS AIO]

Pheran's 32TB FreeNAS build with photos

Pheran's 80TB FreeNAS Build with photos: Kaby Lake Edition

The ZFS ZIL and SLOG Demystified

Some insights into SLOG/ZIL with ZFS on FreeNAS

Testing the benefits of SLOG using a RAM disk!

SLOG benchmarking and finding the best SLOG

How to relocate swap to an SSD or other partition - [not needed in v 11.1 and newer systems]

Why iSCSI often requires more resources for the same result (block storage)

Some differences between RAIDZ and mirrors, and why we use mirrors for block storage (iSCSI)

There is a guide called, "Uncle Fester's FreeNAS Beginner's Guide". It is currently being updated with new graphics to bring it from the FreeNAS 11.1 (old GUI) to the FreeNAS 11.2 version with the new GUI. You can find a link to this very informative, step-by-step, guide here:

"Absolutely must virtualize FreeNAS!" ... a guide to not completely losing your data.

Virtually FreeNAS ... an alternative for those seeking virtualization

FreeNAS 9.10 on VMware ESXi 6.0 Guide

Disk Price/Performance Analysis Buying Information

ZFS Drive Size and Cost Comparison Spreadsheet

Shucking Seagate Backup Plus HUB 8TB (for Barracudas)

ZFS: Adding a drive to create a mirror

Utility:, for listing partition, gptid, slot, devices, disktype, serial num, & multipath

UPS not communicating

Untangle and FreeNAS: Secure, Free Remote VPN access to your FreeNAS server 1.0

3.3 volt HDD problem, WD PDF:


The Year of 100GbE in Data Center Networks

How to kill off SMB1, NetBIOS, WINS and *still* have Windows' Network Neighbourhood better than ever

Successful Build with AMD Epyc and Supermicro H11SSL-i

Impaired rsync permissions support for Windows datasets

Informational videos, mostly about SAS hardware

Add a mirror drive to an existing single disk vdev:

A link to a useful ZFS capacity calculator tool:

Booting from USB is not recommended, but if you really must boot from USB, the thing that has been observed to be the most reliable is the 32GB USB 2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Fit.

ghetto acoustic by jgreco

Bring a broken directory over from another FreeNAS:

Download Links:
Latest (as of 10 May 2019):
Version I am using (as of 22 Feb 2019):

Where is the backup config db:

Forum Help Page:

Interested in the API for FreeNAS:
The rewrite from the old API to the new middlewared continues. Once the API stabilizes and the rewrite is complete, will be deprecated and replaced by the new API documentation. In the mean time, to see the API documentation for the new middleware, log into the new UI, click on the URL for the FreeNAS system in your browser’s location bar, and add /api/docs to the end of that URL.

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part I: Purpose and Best Practices
by Josh Paetzel; iXsystems Director of IT; Feb 3, 2015

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part II: Hardware Specifics
by Josh Paetzel; iXsystems Director of IT; Feb 5, 2015

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part III: Pools, Performance, and Cache
by Josh Paetzel; iXsystems Director of IT; Feb 10, 2015

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part IV: Network Notes & Conclusion
by Josh Paetzel; iXsystems Director of IT; Feb 12, 2015

A decent looking $300 DIY 16 drive DAS build - from r/DataHoarder

Drive Cage Part for 4U, 24 bay, Supper Chassi:
Supermicro MCP-220-84603-ON 2.5" Fixed HDD Tray

FreeNAS 9.3 upgrade not working - fix to get to 9.10:

Cannot eject RDX removable device

ZFS send and receive with netcat instead of ssh (for trusted networks)

Update: WD Red SMR Drive Compatibility with ZFS

Fix for Plex - 24 Nov 2019 - after update from 11.2 U6 to U7

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Very good compilation of various resources.
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