first nas

  1. Chris Moore

    Specific build changes to upgrade as high as 512GB of RAM

    This is intended as a modification to the list of hardware I put together here: Be aware, this is a totally different system board with a totally different processor socket than the 32GB build...
  2. Chris Moore

    Specific build components list - up to 32GB RAM

    Mar 3, 2019: I put this together because I was directly asked for it (or something very similar) on several occasions. While this may not be perfect for you, I put three builds together using same model hardware and they have worked for my purposes. If you don't plan to use Plex, you could...
  3. S

    Advice on first build

    Hi all, I'm a long time reader here at the forums, but never had the time or money for a build. Finally I got both. I want to build my first NAS for my own home use: media storage, backup for my Macintosh and my wife's Windows-based laptop, bulk storage for my photography, and home plex use...