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first freenas

  1. N

    Please Critique my Setup for Improvement

    I have a possible drive change coming due to a possible failure (different post...) and I am trying to take this time to correct *any* issues I may have with my admittedly hurried first-ever FreeNAS build. I've attached some screenshots. One of the questions I have is, If I replace ADA5, what...
  2. geekheads

    Building my 1st free Nas server

    I'm super noob to freenas and servers. So my problem is I need to add a file storage server to our network at work. My budget is 1500 U.S. dollars as of now. The server will go into a server rack. What I need it for.: We have 4-6 users who will use this server to store photos and videos...
  3. Chris Moore

    Specific build changes to upgrade as high as 512GB of RAM

    This is intended as a modification to the list of hardware I put together here: https://www.ixsystems.com/community/resources/specific-build-components-list-up-to-32gb-ram.109/ Be aware, this is a totally different system board with a totally different processor socket than the 32GB build...
  4. Chris Moore

    Specific build components list - up to 32GB RAM

    Mar 3, 2019: I put this together because I was directly asked for it (or something very similar) on several occasions. While this may not be perfect for you, I put three builds together using same model hardware and they have worked for my purposes. If you don't plan to use Plex, you could...
  5. boy2litle

    200 Euro - First FreeNAS - Buget diskless FreeNAS

    Hello people! I've spend my last 2 week looking for a NAS. I've started looking at an used diskless Drobo NAS (4bay or 5bay) and I've endup with Synology and Qnap. I love the ease of use of a Drobo, I love how stable it is a Synology, I love the features of Qnap and I hate the amount of money...