ZFS Import Tool does not show volume if multiple drives are missing

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Sep 17, 2011
I am currently testing FreeNAS in a parallels environment and simulate some scenarios.

This one was like this:
Assumoing that the OS drive had failed, a complete reinstall of the FreeNAS operating system was done. The target was to see, if it was easy to import the existing RAIDZ1 volume again.
Additionally I "unplugged" 2 harddrives of this volume.

When hitting "Auto Import Volume" the existing but faulted ZFS Volume didn't show up in the drop down menu, but when using the command "zpool import" it showed, that there was a volume in faulted state.

The import worked correctly when only 1 drive was unplugged, but in my opinion the Auto Import Tool should show faulted ZFS Volumes too. Maybe it is also possible to force the import of such a volume.

OS: FreeNAS-8.0.1-RC1

The inlcuded screenshot shows the situation.


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