Volume sharing problems ( Both afp-smb)

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Nov 10, 2016
Here is my problem,

I have 2 volumes created on my FreeNas.
One is a small mirror one called TiTi
The second is a 3Gigs mirror one called Leo
The system do not report any issue with them when I boot.
If I create an afp or smb share for TiTi, it works fine.
If I create an afp or smb share for Leo, it is problematic it does not show up or says I do not have the autorisation.
The 3Gigs one worked at a certain time in the past.
I see that on the volume tab, I could detach the Leo volume and that I can select to delete shares.
If I do that, will I be able to remount this Leo volume with the data intact in it reprogram the share of it ?
That is very important that would get back this data.
Thank you for any help


Mar 27, 2018
Check the permissions at the root level of your Volume to make sure they are the same between the TiTi and the Leo Volume. I just got help from some very advanced FreeNAS users and that was the problem on my rig. To check this.. use the following steps
1. Login to your FreeNAS web gui with root.
2. Click on the Storage Icon at the top.
3. You will need to know what is a volume vs what is a dataset. Click on the root volume, in my case this is the first level that actually has permissions on it and it is the second one down in the hierarchical list. So in your case you might see something like
> Leo
>Leo <--this is the level you want.

4. Click on the Change Permissions button. Make sure that the Execute permissions are turned on for Group and Other. This will be under the Mode: section of the dialog box.

This is a common mistake and sometimes gets changed when "fixing" things or changing things. Apparently the reason why you need Execute permissions is that SMB requires them when you actually connect.

You should not need to delete the shares and most certainly DO NOT delete the dataset. The dataset is where the data actually is, removing the share is fine, it will not remove data. Be aware that on FreeNAS 11.1 U4 (not sure about earlier versions).. if you do something that can affect data, the screen will turn RED...

Let me know what your
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