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Unable to delete files in full volume.

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Sep 20, 2013
Freenas Version 9.3

Windows Enviroment

Hardware: HP Microserver G7
6x4TB Seagate NAS HDDs

I recently upgrade from Freenas 9.2.9 to Freenas 9.3. I was fairly close to running out of space pre the upgrade but was planning to clear up some space after woulds.

After running the update to 9.3, my main (single volume) came up as being completely out of space. I was unable to start any services or change any settings as i would be prompted with the error "errno 28 no space left on device"

Being fairly noob at Freenas, I formatted a fresh USB with Freenas 9.3, booted up and mounting the volume, attempted to setup a CIFS share and was greeted with "errno 28 no space left on device" again.

I connected an empty harddrive and setup a volume and set it to contain the system dataset, this allowed me to be able to set permissions and started services again (CIFS, SSH)

I am now able to access and copy data from my share but whenever i try and delete something it prompts for confirmation to delete then file disappears, but when i refresh explorer the file that i just deleted reappears. I have tried deleting from data from the volume through a CIFS and NFS share.

I also have a red light for this error.

CRITICAL: The boot volume state is ONLINE: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data corruption. Applications may be affected.

I probably have a few other issues but this is the main on for the time being. I have attached the debug file.

Thanks for help in advance.


  • debug-freenas-20150103211422.tgz
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Feb 15, 2014
Your boot drive is bad. Either reinstall FreeNAS and import the old config on the current drive or do so on a new drive (preferably, you should have two devices mirrored, to make these situations easier to recover from).

Of course, your no free space problem is a different issue.
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