TrueNAS Scale: Accessing "shares" from Clients and VMs (with multiple interfaces in different VLANs)


Mar 25, 2024
Hello everyone,

I would like to use some swarm intelligence for my problem because I keep getting the same result. I've already searched google and
the forum but couldn't find the right solution. If there is already a suitable thread and I couldn't find it due to my search skills,
I would be very happy about a link to the correct thread.
So that I don't continue to beat around the bush, now to my actual problem (2.1 Problem explanation:).
In the following I will first try to describe my structure as precisely as possible.

My physical network top to bottom starting from the gateway:

<---{10G-DAC}--->USW Enterprise
<---{2x-1G-Copper}--->TrueNAS Scale

Similarly, now expanded with the virtual components, vlans and ip addresses.

UDM Pro [[*.*.20.254],[*.*.30.254],[*.*.100.254],[*.*.150.254],[*.*.160.254]]
<---{TAGGED VLANs 20,30,100,150,160}--->USW Enterprise
<---{UNTAGGED VLAN 100}--->Windows-Client[*.*.100.100]
<---{TAGGED VLANs 30,150}--->XCP-ng02[[*.*.30.2],[*.*.150.2]]
<---{TAGGED VLANs 20,30,150,160}--->TrueNAS Scale
>>> enp38s0:
>>> enp38s0:
>>> bond0:
>>> br0:{bond0,vlan20,vlan150}
<---> nested XCP-ng03[[*.*.30.3],[*.*.150.3]]
>>> vlan20:{bond0} [*.*.20.10]
>>> vlan150:{bond0} [*.*.150.10]
>>> vlan160:{bond0} [*.*.160.10]

|| VLAN 20 = Storage Management =
|| VLAN 30 = Hypervisor Management =
|| VLAN 100 = Clients =
|| VLAN 150 = NFS =
|| VLAN 160 = CIFS/SMB =

1. Requirement/Problem:
The TrueNAS Scale interface in the CIFS/SMB network, which provides CIFS/SMB shares, must be made accessible by the Windows client.
1.1 Problem explanation:
In the current configuration, the TrueNAS Scale has already set the default gateway [*.*.20.254] on the storage management interface
in order to reach the web interface. That's why there is currently "asyncrone routing" when connecting the TrueNAS Scale CIFS/SMB shares.
Client connection request:
[*.*.100.100] --> [*.*.100.254] --> [*.*.160.10]
TruneNAS Scale response:
[*.*.20.10] --> [*.*.20.254] --> [*.*.100.100]
1.2 Solution:
In order to correct the routing, a gateway must also be set for the TrueNAS Scale interface in the CIFS/SMB network.
This can be done using the following commands in the Linux Shell of the TrueNAS Scale.
Show current routing table:
root@truenasscale[~]# route -n
Set another route:
root@truenasscale[~]# route add default gw {Gateway-IP} {Interface}
Check routing table:
root@truenasscale[~]# route -n

2. Requirement/Problem:
The TrueNAS Scale interface on the NFS network that provides NFS shares must be exposed by the various hypervisors (XCP-ng02 & nested XCP-ng03).
2.1 Problem explanation:
The NFS share can be reached and accessed by the XCP-ng02, but not by the XCP-ng03, which runs nested on the TrueNAS scale.
When I run a TCPdump on the TrueNAS Scale, I see incoming packets tagged in VLAN 150 on both the interface "br0" and interface "bond0",
which are sent by the XCP-ng03. However, the packets are not passed on to the “vlan150” interface because they cannot be seen there using TCPdump.
2.2 Solution:
Unfortunately I don't have it because I'm kind of stuck. Do any of you have an idea or analysis approach to find a solution for this too?
The only approach I would have would be to set the parent interface to "br0.150" for the interface "vlan150",
but unfortunately this is not possible via the GUI or CLI, there I only have the preselection "bond0" or one of those Physical adapter.


Dec 13, 2014
I am also interested in this answer. I have similiar question of poor/no performance of nfs shares a across vlans