TrueNAS Newbie Here


Jun 12, 2022
Hi All,

I'm a new user here. Will do my best to not unnecessarily bug people, but I know I'm going to need some help progressing along the learning curve of TrueNAS.

My first NAS was a QNAP. After getting burned in a QLocker attack (thank God I still keep occasional offline backups), I haven't trusted the QNAP box since, even though it seemed to be safe. It would grind and hum and do things that would make me paranoid that someone was in it, mining bitcoin or encrypting my stuff, yet I couldn't see any evidence of high processing or rouge processes running. I finally decided to make a switch to something more trustworthy, and went with TrueNAS.

I'm sadly not a deep hobbyist or IT expert of any kind. I know enough to be dangerous. Because of this, I went with a pre-built TrueNAS Mini-X, with 5 standard drive bays and two small drive bays. I completed backups to external drives last night and kissed the QNAP goodbye, moving the drives to the TrueNAS. It booted up and I see little blue lights on all the drives, so it's progress. I admit the interface is more pleasing than QNAP, but I'm still very lost.

Anyway, I'll post elsewhere with my questions, and of course try to search first. There's just a LOT out there when I search, and often it doesn't answer my question exactly.