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Mar 25, 2021
In November of 2023, iXsystems launched the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series, our fastest ZFS storage system yet, built on an all-NVMe platform for ultimate performance. Today, the TrueNAS Enterprise portfolio introduces the super versatile TrueNAS Enterprise H-Series. These new hybrid storage appliances offer the full suite of TrueNAS features, including high-availability for workloads where downtime is not an option. The TrueNAS Enterprise H10 is available today, and the H20 model will be available for orders in May 2024.

With the new TrueNAS H-Series systems, you get the complete TrueNAS feature set, including built-in support for file, block, and object protocols, all from the same array. Leveraging the legendary OpenZFS filesystem, the TrueNAS H-Series provides power-efficient performance, proven reliability, and guaranteed data safety. System functionality can be extended by deploying Apps such as MinIO, NextCloud, or Syncthing that can be run on the system as containers.

Ready for deployment for workloads at the Edge or in the core of the data center, the 2U TrueNAS H-Series comes in two models:

ModelThreads/RAM (x2)Networking (x2)CapacityTyp. Power
H108T, 64-128GB4 x 25GbE1PB200W
H2020T, 128-256GB2 x 25GbE +
2 x 100GbE

The TrueNAS H-Series can be deployed on-site in any organization, from small offices to large data centers. Customers requiring higher capacity can look to the highly scalable TrueNAS M-Series. For deployments needing 10GB/s or more, the all-flash TrueNAS F-Series solves the most demanding performance problems.

Both TrueNAS H-Series models offer a compact, 2U form factor tuned for power efficiency with twelve 3.5” drive bays. Dual hot-swap controllers allow seamless upgrades and deliver 99.999% availability at an affordable price point. See the datasheet for more details.

The TrueNAS H-Series ships with the latest TrueNAS Enterprise 24.04 software, the fourth major version of the TrueNAS data platform software on Linux. Building on the quality and award winning experience of prior versions, 24.04 delivers increased file and metadata performance, advanced SMB features, and optional TrueSECURE security features (FIPS 140, NIST) for government/defense customers.

TrueNAS Enterprise H-Series

TrueNAS H-Series Storage Highlights:

  • Versatile: With options for both hybrid and all-flash solutions, the H-Series scales to meet both performance and budgetary requirements for use cases such as virtualization, file sharing, and backup.
  • Power-Efficient: With a typical power consumption of 200W (H10) or 300W (H20) the TrueNAS H-Series helps meet your company or data center’s green initiatives while delivering the performance to meet your workloads.
  • All the Features, One Low Cost: With no piecemeal licensing, the H-Series delivers a full suite of data service, protection, and replication features at an affordable cost of entry. Extend functionality even further with container-based Apps.
  • High Availability: Available dual-controller architecture provides continuous accessibility, preventing downtime.
  • Expandable: With optional 24, 60, or 102-bay (H20 only) expansion shelves, the H-Series is ready to grow with your use-case needs from 20TB all-flash to 2PB hybrid storage.

The TrueNAS H-Series replaces and builds upon the success of the popular X-Series, which is no longer available for ordering. The H-Series adds improved remote management, over 3x the performance, and 4x the memory for adding Apps while remaining in the same compact 2U form factor.

The New TrueNAS Enterprise Portfolio

TrueNAS Enterprise appliances are rated 4.9 stars or higher in verified reviews on Gartner’s customer review site, and specifically 4.9 out of 5 stars among users of systems running TrueNAS SCALE like the new H-Series. What’s more, these verified user reviews earned TrueNAS Enterprise the 2024 Gartner Customers’ Choice award for Distributed File System and Object Storage in North America on Gartner Peer Insights. We aim to continue to improve the customer experience among users of TrueNAS 24.04.

The TrueNAS M-Series remains the highest-capacity system for hybrid flash and HDD requirements in the iXsystems storage portfolio. For customers demanding the ultimate in ZFS storage, the all-NVMe TrueNAS F-Series delivers unparalleled performance. All TrueNAS systems can be monitored and managed as a fleet using TrueCommand.

TrueNAS Enterprise H-Series systems start at under $10,000 with dual controllers and 1 year Bronze Support. The TrueNAS H10 is available for order immediately, with the H20 available in May 2024. For more information, please contact iXsystems to discuss the right solution for your storage needs.

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