Thermal and Accoustical Design Validation

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Apr 29, 2016
Update: I managed to get @Stux script to work! The culprit was the CPU cooler, for which I had put the threshold entirely wrong, that's causing the BMC to panic. Once I had a sorted that out the script ran fine, keeping the CPU at around 50°C and the hard drives around 36°C. I've also found that the "Heavy I/O "-mode produces satisfactory results. Either of these methods make the NAS silent enough that I have to put effort into hearing it. I tried to run @Kevin Horton's script as well (not simultaneously of course), but when I tried to initiate it, I got a "command not found"-message. I think I'm doing something wrong with regards to running shell/bash scripts. But I think that's an issue for another thread. Regardless, it seems like I have gotten things going fairly well. As an aside, I tested the fan headers. It seems that, as previously stated, 1-4 is for CPU/system, and A is for peripherals.

I found a really neat web page describing these things for supermicro boards. The general principle seems to be that numerical fan headers are for CPU/system, and alphabeticals are for peripherals. I'm quite happy my NAS is coming along. Thanks for helping out.
Not open for further replies.