synching files with a remote server

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Aug 23, 2011
Hey all, I ahve a newly built FreeNAS system that I am trying to tie in with a remote server running Ubuntu 10 Server. What I would like to do is to have a certain folder on the Freenas server, where every time a file is copied into that, it is copied over to the Ubuntu server. Then, when a file is copied into another folder on the Ubuntu server, it should be copied to another folder on the FreeNAS.

I could do it with Rsynch, but I want the copying to be immediate and one-way, not on a CRON job or the like. Or rather, one way for one folder and the other way for another. Plus Rsynch has a lot of overhead for checking file changes, which I don't care about: I just want the file to by copied if it exists.

Any thought on the easiest way to set this up? I need it to be simple, secure and generally easy to use.
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