Spindown disk script and scheduled smart test


Nov 9, 2023
Hi all.
As TN newbie, im experincing a strange issue related to disk spindown and scheduled smart test.
Due to the fact i dont need to use my Nas very often, and in any case when i use it pratically is only when i stop work (After 18pm), i decided to run the Spindown timer script, saving energy/reducing noise.
It works like a charm, until in this period im not using nas at all...
Receiving the dayli multi alert, i noticed that the scheduled smart test (6 short / 1 long per week, 1 every day) never end, keep stuck until i not "spin up" disk in some ways, and i not feel save.
this is something i can "fix" in some script setup... Or i Need to spin up in some ways my disks before run scheduled smart test? And if... How?

(System spec in signature)