SOLVED: Tailscale app wasn't routing to local network


Mar 27, 2023
The big mistake was checking the Userspace box. DO NOT select Userspace. This was the big mistake I made. When this is set, tailscale runs as a relatively random user. If unchecked, it runs as root and all is good.

And of course you DO want to check Host Network.

To test, if you go into shell, you should be able to ping the IP addresses you are advertising.

The big problem with tailscale routes is that the app doesn't allow you to configure the METRIC. This is set to 5 and you can't change it in the k3s config file in Truenas... a real bummer. This means if you have a machine advertising routes (call it X) and machine on the same LAN connected to tailscale, that machine will route via X to those localhosts rather than go directly which is silly.
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