SOLVED: Easiest way to access all app Web Portals when using Tailscale


Mar 27, 2023
If you use tailscale to access your TrueNAS server, you'll find that none of your apps will be accessible. The reason is the apps all use that LAN IP address rather than the tailscale IP address of the truenas server.

Here's the easy fix: Configure your truenas server to route to it's own LAN IP address. Then activate that route in the tailscale dashboard. Bingo. All apps Web Portals now can be accessed when you are connected to your tailscale network.

  1. Do NOT check Userspace on the tailscale k3s config. If you have this checked, advertising routes won't work because tailscale isn't running as root.
  2. Check Host Network on the tailscale k3s config.
  3. Be sure to remember to accept the routes you added in your tailscale Machines page (click the dots to the right of the truenas server).
  4. Also, there is a caveat about the low (and non-configurable) tailscale route METRIC which I explained in this post