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SMB Issues with FreeNAS-11.2-BETA3 -- Dell Multifunction Printer (c3765dnf)

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Jul 3, 2014
Recently switched over the to 11.2 STABLE train and installed the latest build (11.2BETA3) and since have not been able to use my Dell printer to scan documents to the server. Just to see if was the update that caused the issue, I rolled back to 11.1 and was immediately able to scan once again. Moved back to the 11.2 boot option and sure enough -- no connectivity.

Looking through the notes, I see that in this update SMB is by default setting the minimum protocol to SMB 2. Direct modifications to the smb4.conf file are overwritten each time the SMB service is restarted, so I instead added (as a test to see if it resolves) to the additional options 'server max protocol = NT1' and restarted the service. Still did not work, but I did not immediately get an error message on the printer side. Looking back at the raw smb4.conf file, I see that minimum protocol 2 is still at the beginning of the file, and my entry in the additional option is at the bottom of the general section.

I've updated the printer to the latest firmware revision (april 2018) but it does not correct the situation.

Is there anyway to disable the min protocol 'update' or are there any other suggestions? Thanks!


Mar 6, 2014
Well, you set the "max protocol" to NT1 rather than the "min protocol". Try adding the following auxiliary parameter under

server min protocol = NT1
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