11.2 beta3

  1. Jacob H. Weeks

    Cannot start jail from 11.2-b3 using older release

    Every time I attempt to start a jail on an older release I get an error stating "Local variable 'addr' referenced before assignment. Upon further inspection the error reads: Error: concurrent.futures.process._RemoteTraceback: """ Traceback (most recent call last): File...
  2. S

    gptzfsboot: error 32 lba 1

    I have posted this same problem in the installation/updates forum as well, but I believe it might belong here instead. I get the below error whenever I try to either install or update to 11.2 stable. Currently I am running 9.10.2.U6 without issues. I looked into 11.2 and it did not seem as...
  3. V

    11.2 BETA3 installation stuck at "Booting..."

    I'm trying to install 11.2 BETA3 on my NAS, but right after I select "Boot FreeNAS Installer [Enter]" it shows "Booting...", and it stays there forever. I can install 11.1 without any problems, however when I try to upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 (on the web ui), after rebooting it gets stuck at...
  4. Y

    /ui/tasks/cron/ run command on jail fail

    iocage exec jackett service jackett restart yep just that, over ssh i have no problem but placing that like a cron job is imposible because it fails, jackett stop but dont restart
  5. M

    SMB Issues with FreeNAS-11.2-BETA3 -- Dell Multifunction Printer (c3765dnf)

    Recently switched over the to 11.2 STABLE train and installed the latest build (11.2BETA3) and since have not been able to use my Dell printer to scan documents to the server. Just to see if was the update that caused the issue, I rolled back to 11.1 and was immediately able to scan once again...
  6. Y

    /ui/plugins/available give a 404 error

    404 Client Error: Not Found for url: http://pkg.cdn.trueos.org/iocage/All the url http://pkg.cdn.trueos.org/iocage/All dont exist https://archive.fo/56mjJ the corect url is http://pkg.cdn.trueos.org/iocage/11.2-RELEASE/All/
  7. E

    bhyve VMs fail to restart (11.2 beta 3)

    Hi folks - Stats first: 32GB RAM 12x4TB drives in Z2 array Dual xeon e5-2630L V2 Symptoms - When restarting a VM from within the VM itself, the guest shuts down cleanly but does not restart on its own. The web interface shows "Stopped". I've verified this behavior with guests running Windows...
  8. H

    Upgrading to 11.2B3 loses plugins and jails in UI

    Hello, I've decided to upgrade my FreeNAS 9.10 to the latest version through the user interface method. It worked but not quite. I had only two plugins installed: Plex and transmission. They are not shown in the UI but they are still running. I also have a simple jail to run ssh and to keep...