Sharing problems...need to go to 11.1 u5

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Aug 23, 2018
Brand new install on once functioning machine. (old install was 8.?) 11.1 u6 was the new install (brand new USB in machine) Several computers (windows) can see the share just fine. Playout server is unable to see share. Playout server is a closed (to me) box. It is also no longer being developed. They have a new server now. I can only make very minor changes to it. Manufacture was able to take one of their old playout machines(like mine same firmware) and connect it successfully to their test version of Freenas. It is 11.1 u5. I only see 2 solutions from my perspective 1. downgrade to u5 or 2. find a temp fix for the freenas server.

I'd love to just be able to download u5 but have no idea where to fine it.

any help appreciated as i live 300 miles from here and would really like to fix this problem so i can go home
Not open for further replies.