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Revamped Documentation Hub Published

Kris Moore

VP of Engineering
Nov 12, 2015
I’m pleased to announce the release of a new, unified TrueNAS Documentation Hub!

This website has been designed to provide a consistent, unified approach to iXsystems product documentation, including the TrueNAS CORE, TrueCommand, and the in-development TrueNAS SCALE! You’ll also find documentation for all the different TrueNAS hardware that iXsystems provides and additional high-level reference material about the technologies powering these solutions.

The updated website features many new functionality improvements:
  • An expandable Navigation panel that allows quickly drilling down into specific topics.
  • Reworked Search functionality for faster article lookups.
  • Integrated RSS feed for quick notifications when content changes.
  • Single Print Previews for software documentation, allowing users to view the entire guide in a single page suitable for printing or PDF export.
  • New Content Styling for better communicating both simple and complex topics.
  • The Documentation Archive provides fast access to previous software release documentation.

In addition to these website improvements, the existing content has undergone a major evolution too! Every article has been reviewed and reworked to take advantage of the new website features. Software documentation is now organized to follow a unified approach. Each software section now has an introduction, getting started guide, and a full user interface breakdown organized by the current appearance of the interface. This is designed to help get you installed and productive with your TrueNAS family products faster than before!

The website also has a few top-level topics for digging into advanced reference materials, pointers on contributing to the TrueNAS project or documentation, and a full Release Notes archive.

With this published, what will happen next? There are some additional TrueNAS CORE articles being written and a major update of TrueCommand documentation is also starting in preparation for upcoming version 2.0! Not only this, but the early framework for SCALE documentation is in place, with more articles being added as that software keeps moving towards BETA and full releases. More reference materials are being added and general updates to content will happen with every software release. Thanks for using TrueNAS and we look forward to what’s next with project documentation!


Neophyte Sage
Mar 6, 2020
A lot beter and I see most feedback has been dealth with :)

One issue:
small pages (with just one paragraph) show wrong on my 4K screen:
(min-height: 10vh; on wrapper div)

(without the min-height section on .wrapper)


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2017