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Aug 9, 2011
I have 2 freenas boxes, the first(Local) is running release 8.0, while the second (remote) is running 8.0 beta 4. I have gone through the wiki, and have gotten as far as creating the authorized keys, and creating the snapshot and replication task. Unfortunately nothing happens. This is where by n00bity with regards to the ZFS format comes into play.

The local( has "volume/Data" that I would like to replicate to my remote ( "volume/data2".

Going through the troubleshooting steps, I can log onto the remote box from the local without being asked for a password which I assume means that the keys work. But I do get a warning that it could not create directory '/root/.ssh', and that the authenticity of host can't be established, are you sure you want to connect anyways. If I select yes then I'm good to go and it connects to the remote machine.

I then try and do the manual replication using the following command:
zfs send Data/Data@snapshot | ssh -i /data/ssh/replication zfs receive data2

Is this the correct syntax based on the ZFS poolnames? it says that the dataset doesn't exist. I have not set up any datasets, but am just using the volumes and sharing them. What am I missing here, do I have to set up an actual dataset, not just a volume?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Not open for further replies.