Replicated FreeNAS boxes

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Oct 29, 2017
I am deploying our FreeNAS storage system and i am looking to firm up my knowledge and get input on how the boxes that will be used to replicate to will be configured,

First , my production boxes (5 of them) are all the same
Dell R510 dual Xeon with 96G ram 10g Ethernet, 12x3TB SAS 7200 in mirror with slog and l2arc
after 50% loss for mirror then 50% loss for free space on pool i have 2 x 4TB zvol as iSCSI targets

the sans that these machines are replacing are Supermicro units with single Xeon and 16 gig ram and LSI
hardware raid cards they have 8 x 2TB 7200 rpm SAS drives and were configured as RAID10 when using OPEN E

My intention is to take these boxes and replace the LSI cards with h200 in it mode then install FreeNAS, I have read that
I would not need SLOG or L2ARC for a machine that is primarily used as a replication target, my next question is will i be able
to get sufficient space from these units to replicate the 4TB volumes from the production units.

I had envisioned the replication targets as raidz2 which would give a pool of approx 11TB and should give room to land the 2 4TB zvols on them

I know from a production iSCSI perspective I need 50% free space for a zvol that will be using snapshots taken on at least a daily basis on some sets ans some VMs and more frequent on others

But i am not sure if I will need to follow the same free space rules for the replication target as I am on my production boxes
of course in the event of a production box failure I will want to use replication target as primary storage for a short period of time until production level box can be brought back online

Any insight or critiques of this setup would be appreciated.

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