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replicated and replicant zvol mounting as unallocated


Apr 24, 2016
I've had a zvol shared out over iSCSI to a Windows 10 machine for years with no problems. I'm reorganizing my TrueNAS server, wanting to move the zvol to another pool on the same server, so I removed the iSCSI target for the zvol and replicated it's dataset. The problem is when I mount the iSCSI of that replicated zvol dataset, it mounts as unallocated instead of NTFS in the Windows 10 machine. I figured I'll just re-mount the original zvol, so I re-created a new iSCSI target for that, but that now also shows up as unallocated.

Any idea why this is happening and how to resolve?

P.S. - Another thing of note is that the zvols are created as 200 GiB; yet the original zvol dataset says 325 GiB used, the duplicate zvol says 203 GiB used, but both do mount as 200 GB unallocated in Windows 10.