Re-use old raid formation

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Jul 31, 2011
Hi there!

I need your help with an huge problem i got. I reinstalled my freenas to freenas version 8. I read online that it would automaticly re-use the raid that i already had (3 disk, raid 5). But now i cant see the old raid formation and i don't know how to add it! I've already tried to reinstall the old freenas (version 0.7.2 but i cant see the raid there either.

I realy nead this because i need the data on those disks. If someone can tell me how to re-use the raid formation or how i can get the software back in any other way i would be very happy :cool:

Here is some information about the array:

3 1TB disk in raid 5. I used software raid format when i first installed them (i think).

I hope someone can help me!

BTW sorry for my bad english.

Greets iFear


Jul 1, 2011
iFear, don't apologize for your English, it is perfect from what I read.

Anyway, raid 5 is different from ZFS and isn't able to be imported. My suggestion is to reinstall the previous version of FreeNAS (I know you did this already), and then go to the FreeNAS .7 forum link: FreeNAS .7
and ask someone there to help you import your array again. After you do that, do some more reading and ask some more questions and hopefully we can help your transition go smoother. I think it's important to go back to .7 and verify your data hasn't been corrupted before continuing.

Good luck!
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