qbittorrent torrents not saved sometimes after restart


May 4, 2017
Running the qbittorrent in Scale as a container.

I restarted the server yesterday a drive had failed and neeeded replacing. After restart i noticed torrents added within the last few hours before restart were missing after restart so i had to manually add them all again and set the correct paths.

I then tested and restarted the app again and the same thing happen. I released there was a resilver going on at this time.

After the resilver completed and I just restarted qbit again and it has all the recent torrents after restart except one which shows as downloading meta data even though it was seeding prior to the restart. what ever the issue is it must be a result of the resilver or load on the host.

Can I force a sync of qbittorrent config/settings so this does not happen again?