Problem after deleting dataset


Mar 13, 2024
Hi I'm new to truenas. I installed and setup a dataset to try to understand nas. I didnt move any files over to it and after learning just enough to be dangerous I created a new dataset and moved my media across. I then shut down the system and installed a usb3 card to the system. Rebooted in and logged in to the nas and saw the original test dataset as well as the new media dataset. I deleted the test dataset but now cannot get access to the server. In nemo it says "failed to retrieve share list from server: invalid argument".

In the nas alerts I get this critical error

SMB shares have path-related configuration issues that may impact service stability: midnight: Path does not exist.​

2024-03-13 21:34:55 (Europe/London)

midnight was the name I gave the test dataset which I deleted.

Any help would be appreciated.