Port forwarding to multiple Jails on TrueNAS CORE


Mar 28, 2024
Hello all,

Until recently I was using Open Media Vault for my needs, but I watched a couple of videos about TrueNAS and decided to try it.
My use cases are as simple as running media (Jellyfin), download (Transmission), and cloud/storage (NextCloud) servers and more importantly (for me) being able to access them from the internet - managing torrents, stream A/V content to smartphones/tablets in addition to smart TVs at home, and access files like photos and family videos from everywhere. There should not be any sensitive data so I am not very worried about security breaches (if they are limited to the TrueNAS machine itself, and not spread to other devices on my network, of course).
I've installed all three plugins, and they seem to work on my local network, but can't access them from the Internet. For remotely managing Transmission I am using Transdrone, and for Jellyfin and Nextcloud I am using the official Android apps.
My ISP is blocking ports 80 and 443 so I am using different ports. For OMV I was using ports 880 / 888 / 890 and I had no issues accessing all services. I've read that in CORE I should forward to the IPs of the Jails, and I do so, but with no luck. Can you please guide me through setting up these services?

p.s. The hardware is:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600s
RAM: 4x4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz
SSD: 120 GB ADATA (boot)
HDD: 2x6 TB Seagate Ironwolf

Huawei HG630