Phantom share/folder.


Mar 13, 2024

Happy user since many years of FreeNas, switched later on to TrueNas. I found a post from EQNish (created on 11/02/2020) which exactly describes my problem, unfortunately without solution, I didn't find the origin of behavior either and couldn't find anything on internet. I recently moved my 3 servers to TrueNas 13.0-U6 (new install) and they all have the same issue. The 3 systems have 1 user, let's call it XXX and 2 shares: Data & Music via SMB - consulted via W10 computer. The shares are not mapped via net use but via start - run \\192.168....\Music (anyway, the problem is the same in both cases) and until a week or 2 ago I got the usual popup to give the credentials to the share and got access (W10 machine is stopped every day). Now however when opening \\192.168....\Music it doesn't ask for credentials and opens I call it a phantom folder Music with some structure in it I don't know where it comes from (there is no automatic mapping on the W10 defined - there is nothing saved for the credentials to the NAS on Windows side). So I'm out of ideas, any guidance to find out what is going on would be great.
Many thanks.