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nvme missing interrupt

Patrick M. Hausen

Dedicated Sage
Nov 25, 2013
Oops - now you got me :wink: What's VDI? Or IPOS?

We run Windows and Linux based applications that we cannot run natively in our FreeBSD jail based infrastructure. Like the Windows applications our accountant uses, SOGo, because we could not get the FreeBSD port to run, the forums were not much of help, and the Linux .deb packages on Ubuntu ran out of the box. Our poudriere runs in a VM on one of the boxes, because they are just the fastest systems we have around so we have some spare cycles to burn. Then we have our central keycloak - again easier and better supported on Linux. The latest and greates ELK stack, so again - Linux. Stuff like that.

Everything that is classical "LAMP/FAMP" based and runs painlessly on FreeBSD is run in jails.


Mushroom! Mushroom!
Feb 6, 2014
What's VDI? Or IPOS?
VDI would be Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - eg: VMware Horizon or Citrix XenDesktop. Desktop-As-A-Service, if you will. Typically very hungry for I/O but ZFS tends to be able to handle it well, your parent/template image ends up effectively residing 100% in RAM.

IPOS I think is just a typo on "IOPS"


Mar 5, 2019
I wish I'd seen this earlier. We had this exact issue with a PE R740xd and 16 NVME U.2 drives. The fix was an upgrade to 12.0.