NFS setup Qs


Sep 5, 2022
Been a silent Core user for several years, moved to Scale last fall. Have always had a flat network until then, but decided I needed to improve and better secure it all. Now have it segmented into 4 VLANs with an L2 switch and pfsense running it all. It's been a steep learning curve for someone not in the business (or maybe it's just me???)

Have most everything working, though now trying to set up NFS share(s) for an Ubuntu Server (22.04) in Proxmox. Have been fairly comfortable with Windows stuff since the 80s, but finding the Linux world challenging. Baby steps. . .

My initial Q has to do with the Documentation Hub > NFS Share Creation:
The Dataset of interest here is presently structured as:
I had set up the NFS share to Proxmox, though concerning the above "Note" am I to understand that none of the locations within the Proxmox dataset will not be seen? Do I need to create datasets for "iso", "Proxmox-backups" and "Proxmox-shared"? Is there a better way (i.e. have everything in the Proxmox dataset without them being divided below it?) What is the "best practice" for NFS shares?

Anyhoo, I'm guessing this will be the first of a number of Qs as I try to understand and build this out. Baby steps, right?

Side note: other that the Documentation Hub, have found little instruction and/or examples for NFS setup in Truenas. If there is a really good tutorial that I have yet to find, would appreciate it if someone could point me to it. . .