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New User. Question about access via a created group

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Feb 17, 2021
Hi to all and a big sorry, if I perhaps write my question in a wrong section.

I´m Mike from Germany, new user of FreeNAS-11.3-U4.1

I only want to use the software as a small central storage for my little company.
Installation worked perfect, system is running- BUT one thing:

I created four user accounts (all working with Win 10 computers) and one group called "DP-Group".
All users are in this group.

My thoughts were, that every user can access, read, write, delete all files on the pool (it is a small family company and ok).

But now, some users could not create new directory folders or copy/delete files on some directories.
Reading is possible for all.
The setting of" Directories and Permissoins" in the user settings of all users are ALL activated
(Read, Write, Execute for the columns User, Group and Other - See attached image for one user as an example)

Does anyone know, which silly mistake I made?

Sorry for my bad English, I´m 60 years old and have to use my old school English ;-)

Thanks and greetings from Germany



John Digital

Neophyte Sage
Jan 7, 2015
Welcome sir, glad to have you. First, because your new and starting out, and you mostly have things working--take a recursive snapshot of all pools and do a config backup. This is easily done from the GUI. Do these everytime you are about to change something major and or have things working as you want it. It will save you alot of headache at some point I guarantee it. And because you are a business Id do several automatic daily snapshots going forward as the NAS sees more use.

The permissions you are showing are for the users home directory. Youll want to check the permissions of the actual dataset you are sharing out. Storage>Pools>CORRECT SHARED DATASET>Edit Permissions

From the sound of it, youll want to make this dataset to be owned by the admin user (root or your user) and your created group DP-Group. Please use caution here as you can hose things up if you change the wrong datasets permissions.