New build, opinions?


Mar 25, 2017
Hi there,

I have been a ZFS user since 2014 ish.
My current system is:
Supermicro SC826
CPU: x2 Xeon E5-2670
x2 USB sticks as boot pool (yes I know right but it was supported back in the day and they are still alive)
64G of ECC ram
Chelsio T520 CR dual port 10G nic

Current Pool:
RAIDZ2 pool with 12 drives 2 vdevs
Intel DC NVME as a SLOG currently.

I am currently looking at building a new system where the goal would be to see if i can squeeze x12 3,5 inch drives into it. Either 18 or 20TB drives as the main storage pool. RaidZ2.
I would like to if possible fit 4-6 SSDs as VM storage for Proxmox into this system.
As I see it i have 2 options:

Either get a 4U Supermicro chassis with as much ram as possible 256-512G or get the Fractal Design R7 XL (according to the manual it can fit up to 19 drives which would be enough)
Noise level is a potential factor here but most of the things can be overlooked.

Just thought i'd run it by here and see if there is any hardware I might have missed these days.


Jan 14, 2023
Are you just looking for input on the case? Or did you leave it very open that you also need input on MB and CPU?

Why do you need half a terrabyte of RAM with the 4U case? At least you worded it this way.

LTT did a video on the R7 where he stuffed it with drives.

Consider moving / reposting in the new forums as this one gets placed in read only some time tomorrow: