Netbios names

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Nov 23, 2011
Strange issue - in that the googles don't find anything.

Have setup FreeNas 8.02 with a single cifs share (called share). Everything seems to be setup correctly, I can read/write files to the share. However when I browse the network I see four NetBios entries for my server, i.e. my server is called nas1 on the muppets workgroup. I see the nas1 entry under the muppets group, but I also see three other entries called freenas.local at the top level of the network. One seems to be assocated with ssh (although I have the sshd daemon on freenas turned off). If I echo the hostname on the FreeNas server it comes back correctly as "nas1". If I turn off the CIFS service all 4 entries go away. Any ideas?

(Note: I am browsing the network using Ubuntu 11.10 - samba version 3.5.11). Not sure if I will see these entries from a Windows machine).
Not open for further replies.