Mellanox connectx-2 en 10Gb and Chelsio s320e-cr issues??? Windows side though


Jan 16, 2018
Freenas server to windows 10 client via 10Gb sfp+ copper.

In the past I've used s320e-cr chelsio cards on both server and client. Every so often the client crashes with bsod(blue screen) with tcpip.sys failure when browsing the server or copying FROM the server to client. However I can copy to the server all day everyday with no issues at roughly 500MB/S. (when copy to desktop is working it also is the same transfer speed)Yesterday I picked up a "brand new" Mellanox connectx-2 en card and installed into client only. Done most driver combos from 4.8 to recent 5.5 and even used stock windows drivers. When copying to the server I still get the 500MB/s rate(which is fine). But when I copy from I'm getting 300KB/s(max) only and in some cases "connection interrupted" error.

iperf test section:

I've ran an iperf from freenas and client(windows 10) with mixed results. If the windows 10 machine is set as client with 20 seconds or less sample time it's pretty consistent @700MB/s but past that I get 1-2 seconds @700MB/s then the rest will sit at 300-0KB/s. I've never got the windows 10 set as server and freenas set as client to work on 10Gb line, however the 1Gb works fine in both settings.

Hardware moves on windows 10 machine:

I removed gpu to try both the Chelsio and Mellanox on a true 16x slot as my desktop only has one. Before the cards were in a 16x(mode 4x) spot. 100% exact same results as original issue.

ANY help I would be grateful for!

Lazy specs
Freenas 11.2
Chelsio s320e-cr(2 port)
Dell r710 3.5"
24GB ram
WD reds
20TB storage in raidz3
Windows 10 Pro
Mellanox connectx-2 en(2 port)
Asus strix
32GB memory
3 ssd 500gb WD blue no raid