1. tubasteve

    Mellanox connectx-2 en 10Gb and Chelsio s320e-cr issues??? Windows side though

    Freenas server to windows 10 client via 10Gb sfp+ copper. In the past I've used s320e-cr chelsio cards on both server and client. Every so often the client crashes with bsod(blue screen) with tcpip.sys failure when browsing the server or copying FROM the server to client. However I can copy to...
  2. B

    WARNING: FreeNAS 11.2 Flash drive crashes Windows 7 computers on insertion

    This has been mentioned before both here and on other forums, but I think the issue is serious enough that it deserves a prominent warning on the FreeNAS ISO download page. I'm not asking for a bug fix, I'm asking for a warning on the download page letting people know that a FreeNAS install...
  3. J

    Windows 10 VM BSoDs randomly

    Hello everyone, I am finally trying out VMs in FreeNAS, because I want to go away from having multiple computers for doing stuff... The installation was quite smooth albeit slow, I have used the latest ISO from windows via their Media Creation tool. Directly after the installation I installed...