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Issue with Emby plugin

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May 29, 2020
Hello, I decided to give FreeNAS a chance to server my digital content. Installed and setup FreeNAS and also configured sonarr, radarr and sab all in their own jails. After fighting a bit with permissions and UIDs all is working fine over NFS. Finally thought to install emby plugin to display and transcode the content. Plugin installed fine. Installed emby plugin v4.4.2.0. from iXSystems.

Configured some paths for media but then needed to do too many changes to fit my environment so I decided to delete the plugin and start fresh. When I try to re-install the plugin I get this:
Annotation 2020-05-29 103524.jpg

I remember I had the services down and the mountpath unmounted when I deleted the plugin. When trying to re-install it looks like it remembers the last state without a mount and now is asking for it. Is there a fix for this? I don't see any traces of the previous installation in the jail or when I visit iocage, Rebooted everything but did not help.

I'm running OS Version: FreeNAS-11.3-U3.1

Anyone has seen this?