How to configure a jail to use a dedicate second nic with different subnet

Oct 20, 2019
Hi all, trust me, I have been looking for a how-to guide on how to accomplish this but I have not had any luck. I have found many posts with questions and some instruction but I fail to achieve what I need.
I have a FreeNAS FreeNAS-11.2-U6 installation. I have multiple physical NICs in my motherboard which FreeNas detects and assigns igb0, igb1, ..., etc.
I have a few jails properly running but all of them use igb0 on interface vnet0:bridge0
I have proper working VLAN in my home network using pSense and unifi switches.
My FreeNas root runs on 192.168.1.x subnet, the same for all my working Jails
What I would like to achieve is to create a new Jail that uses, for instance, igb1 and interface vnet1:bridge1 on a separate subnet i.e. 10.74.1.x
Could someone kindly direct me to a how-to guide explaining a simple way to achieve this? If this is really possible, of course.
I am not an expert but I am able to send plain commands using putty, etc. if needed.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Feb 4, 2018
Im not sure how you assign the jail a specific Ethernet port but I googled and there are tons of articles about that. After doing that set the ip address to dhcp. On your router assign the ip in whatever subnet you want to that jails mac address. It should work using the same Ethernet nic but Im guessing you dont want that.


Jul 29, 2019
Under Basic Properties either after jail is created or under Advanced Jail creation I select IPv4 Interface as my 2nd NIC. If it's not showing up, you will need to go to Network/Interfaces and add the 2nd one there.