Hi all. Setting up on Dell R710 server (or trying to :)

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Sep 21, 2017
Hi everyone. New here. Started messing with NAS4free but it looks like support is better on FreeNAS. So I am going to play with it tonight.

I am looking to set up home server for mostly file sharing (photos, music, video, documents). Not looking to do anything too fancy. I have windows, apple, and Ubuntu machines at home. So after reading though, little confused on how to set it up so that all platforms can access the shared drives/data? I will keep searching.

I have am R710 Dell server. It is a single quad processor machine. Here are the specs:

One Xeon X5677, 3.46Ghz, 12M Cache, 1333Mhz
Dual 570W power supplies
12GB (6x2Gb), 1333Mhz UDIMMs (I believe I have about 24GB of RDIMM lying around as well that I could use)
All firmware has been updated.
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