Help Debugging SMB Share Issue on TrueNAS SCALE: Checksum Fails When Using wget on Linux ISOs


Mar 17, 2024
I'm currently experiencing a peculiar issue with SMB shares on my TrueNAS SCALE setup, and I'm hoping to get some insights or solutions from the community. My TrueNAS SCALE is running inside a Proxmox VM, and I've come across a problem specifically when performing wget operations to download Linux ISOs directly into an SMB share. The downloaded ISOs fail the checksum verification, suggesting that the files are getting corrupted during the transfer.

Setup Details:
  • TrueNAS SCALE running inside a Proxmox VM
  • HBA passed through to the VM (latest firmware installed)
  • SMB Share on TrueNAS SCALE for storing the downloads
  • Downloading files using wget directly into the SMB share results in files that fail checksum verification.
  • The issue seems to be isolated to the SMB protocol:
    • Downloading directly into a ZFS dataset via the TrueNAS shell works fine.
    • Using a Unix/NFS share on a different dataset does not reproduce the issue.
    • The problem occurs with an SMB client on another VM in the same Proxmox host and also when accessed from a macOS SMB client.
Given the consistent reproduction of the issue across multiple SMB clients and operating systems, it appears that the issue lies with the SMB server configuration on TrueNAS.
Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
  • Verified the integrity of downloads directly into ZFS datasets (no issues found).
  • Tested downloads via NFS share (no issues found).
  • Reproduced the issue with different SMB clients (indicating SMB-specific problem).
  • Reinstall truenas scale and reimported the pool and the problem remained (!!!)
  1. Has anyone encountered a similar issue with SMB shares on TrueNAS SCALE, especially in a virtualized environment like Proxmox?
  2. Are there known debugging steps specific to the SMB service on TrueNAS that could help pinpoint the problem?
  3. Is there a recommended way to perform a clean reinstallation or reset of the SMB service on TrueNAS SCALE to rule out configuration issues?
Any advice on further debugging steps or solutions would be greatly appreciated. I'm keen to resolve this without compromising the SMB protocol usage, as it's crucial for my setup.
Thank you in advance for your time and help!