Hello from Denmark


Feb 22, 2024
Mainly posting as for peoples reference, as i was quite unsure how the build would go.

As i wanted a secondary trunas system for remote backups and to move with where i might not have the space for my rack.
i choose to build a system in a:
  • Silverstone silverstone cs382
As the selection of "cheaper" matx motherboards with 8 sata connections with ECC support is quite limited.
Resulting in the choice of a:
  • ASRock X570M PRO4
As it supports a relative cheap consumer/professional cpu that is still common, the choice went to a:
  • AMD CPU Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G
As it was the cheapest cpu on the danish market with ecc support, the qvl supported ecc ram isnt on the market anymore but got a tip to:
  • 4x 32GB DDR4-2666MT/S ECC CL19 | DIMM 2RX8 MICRON F (KSM26ED8/32MF)
Can not confirm actually, as error injection was disabled in amd bios, but it states as active.
Currently it just runs of old enterprise drives as i could not get my hands onto a diverse enough set of harddrives where i felt safe.
for boot pool i run a mirror of 2 500gb nvme disk (cheapest for some reason) Samsung 980 PRO SSD MZ-V8P500BW & Samsung 980 SSD MZ-V8V500BW.
Network wise the onboard intel I211AT have been trouble free and fine currently.

Thanks to the community for all the great post that have guided me up to this point.

Kind Regards