GPU| detects only 1


Mar 28, 2024
I am fresh new to TrueNAS and dockers world and I have problem detecting the GPUs.

I have installed TrueNAS on an old PC with
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H (supports iGPU)
CPU: Interl I7-3770 (supports iGPU)
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD 7770 OC V2
RAM: 24GB (8*2+4*2)
Storage: SSD 256GB for system & HDD 4TB (wd red plus) *3

at first I saw only the grapic card in the Settings>Advanced>Isolated GPU... so I used shell command "lspci" and saw only the graphic card, then went to bios and changed some settings and now I can see the iGPU* in the shell "lspci" command, however for some reason in the Isolated GPU settings I see only the graphic card, I even disconnected the graphic card from the M/B and its still the only option.

Posting because I couldn't find any solution and I want to start with frigate, plex and more but can't because of that

*the iGPU showed up only after connecting a monitor the the m/b HDMI port, saw this solution after googling a bit.

Thanks in advance.